Barn Activities


Book Club

Book Club is a monthly meeting that students and other horse enthusiasts come together and discuss horse related topics that are brought to the table. Everybody brings in any horse material that they read. This can be a newspaper article, internet article, a chapter from a book, magazine article or even a short video. 

We discuss any key points that is shared and relativeness of the information. Materials can be provided to those who need some. This is a free event were we all can share any new horse knowledge or get a group opinion. There is also snacks provided.

Next Book Club: Saturday, April 13

Movie Club

We gather together for a relaxing few hours to watch horse related movies, in the barn's viewing room. Snack pot-luck encouraged.

Next Movie Club: on hold 

Educational In-Class Seminars

There are so many topics around horses that get overlooked, but each one is just as important as the next. From topics such as colic and poisonous plants to general horse care and training solutions. We gather together and focus on a specific topic to enhance students’ knowledge. There is some time for general questions regarding any topic of your choice, and for the last portion of the seminar we shift our focus onto rider’s fitness. There are snacks and drinks provided. If you have your own yoga mat, please do not forget to bring it and wear something comfortable. 

Junior Writers

The barn does a regular newsletter created by the whole barn. All barn members are given opportunities to contribute to the newsletter. As well we have Junior Writers who write an article for the newsletter as part of their learning packages. Each month the Junior Writers are given a topic to write about, they have an opportunity to get their work edit and published in the newsletter. The BD's Inside Track is a fun information packed newsletter mainly designed by the students. It also has any important updates or information regarding the barn. This newsletter is e-mailed at the end of each month to all the barn members.

Next Junior Writer’s Deadline: Monday March 18

Fun Days 

Fun Days is a series of events that run within the barn. These events are open to the Balanced Dressage community only. It is a full day event that has a slight show setting without the stress of competing. This is an event where students get to meet each other and their skills are tested in a fun and safe environment. Fun Days are all about doing your best and seeing what your own current strengths and weaknesses are. Because of this there are no placings in classes, and each class can be tweaked so that any level of rider (or horse) can participate. Besides fun of riding and gaining experience, this event has a variety of games and classes on horseback; Dressage Test, Equitation, Egg & Spoon, Musical Stalls are only some examples. Games will vary each Fun Day. There will be a lunch, quiz, a learning component, a group activity, and a prize for the cleanest horse in the middle. There will also be goodie bags at the end with your score card. Fun Days are a way to have a social, educational and self-challenging experience in a safe and relaxed environment.

Our next 'Mini' Fun Day is Saturday April 27

Barn Trips 

Every couple of months we all gather together for a barn trip. It gives us all a chance to hang out together outside of the barn and build onto the community feel of the barn.

Our common trips throughout the year include various types of horse shows, pumpkin patch and The Royal. We are always open to suggestions as well.

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