Open House

Posted on October 30, 2018 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (33)

We had a very successful Open House!


Thank you for everyone who came out!

We had a great turnout, even though the weather was not the best. It was quite a busy day. Hope everyone had a chance to learn something new and have some fun.


Thank you to all the vendors for participating.


I want to take the time to say a very special thank you to all our boarders and volunteers who help make this day run so smoothly.

2017 CWHBA Inspection

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We had a lovely morning at the CWHBA Inspection. Our mares did a fantastic job! Bold N Bratty E (aka Lisa) and Flicka were well behaved and patient as we started the morning very early on. They continued to shine during the inspection as we learned the process. Flicka was relaxed at some parts, I thought she was going to fall asleep! :P Lisa, of course, had to share her thoughts, as you will notice she sticks her tongue in one of the photos. :) But who couldn't fall in love with her face!

Sad news regarding Dressage at "Palgrave"

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As some of you might of heard already, John Taylor and Barbara Mitchell announce the end of the CornerStone Dressage shows held at Caledon Equestrian Park. This is sad news indead, and we will miss these shows greatly. They were always very well ran and a highlight to our shows. 

Name Change

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Below is a copy of a Facebook post from Jennifer Horr:

"So as many of my friends know I have been working through many struggles with our big black horse (‘Tiger’). Especially the last couple years with various health issues: respiratory, infection, nutrient, random lamenesses, wound management, and the list goes on ….

Bubble wrapping him was often on the mind. At one point I was pretty sure the vet was his best friend! Thank you Matt Nugent for dealing with an overly concerned horse owner and for providing such great services.

However, this horse is not your typical horse, and typical treatments did not always do well with this horse. His hooves even started becoming weak. But with the help of Andrew Lowry we are on the right path to correct them. We even had various individuals work on his back, and nutrients that work hard to make him eat. Thank you all!

But with this horse I had to turn more and more natural. Over the last couple months with the help of #Neachai I think we are finally there. He went through detox and is currently on a treatment for leaky gut. His energy is returning and the weight is coming back on! Thank you Theresa Gilligan!

We ended up doing a total revamping of his diet to a more natural path. He is finally ready to start work (for real this time). It is so exciting to see this horse at his best (playful, energetic, majestic, and most importantly happy).

We had to do a lot of ‘out of the box’ thinking with this horse. He has taught me a lot of various things and continues to teach me about a more natural way of being.

Thank you to everyone that has showed their support in one way or another for this horse. (Sorry if I forgot to mention you.)

Moving forward we are finally on the right path. We are leaving the past behind us, while learning from our mistakes, and starting a new chapter in our lives. With this said this handsome horse has a new barn name … BEAU.


Hopefully in a few months we can start up lessons again with Cindy Ishoy , when our fitness is back in full gear. I can’t wait :)"

So in support of Jennifer's decission we all call this tall, handsome black horse Beau. ANd wish him the best of health.

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