Full-Care and self-care board is available here at Balanced Dressage

We treat (and spoil) all horses with care. 

Our full-care board includes:

- custom feeding program to meet your horse's needs 

- hay

- bedding
- stalls mucked daily  

- turnout 


We offer experienced trailering services throughout Ontario. We have been trailering and handling horses in vast sizes, breeds, ages and disciplines for countless years. We work with local veterinarians to bring horses to clinics.

Our trailer is a 2 horse straight load. Warmblood size. On request the trailer can be transformed to a single large box stall (especially handy for trailering a mare with their foal). The trailer is also equipped with a tack room which is very handy for competitions.

So if you are planning on moving your horse, going out to competitions/clinics, in need of emergency trailering, or in need of any other trailering services please give us a call or email to book your next trip.



Balanced Dressage provides Basic English and Dressage lessons to ALL LEVELS and all ages 10+. From beginner riders to advanced, and riders with various background experiences with horses.


We have an excellent lesson program to serve you. All the Lessons are private sessions. This allows an atmosphere which lets the student and the coach to have one-on-one time, were there is an increased focus on the individual rider's abilities and needs.


The coaches are experienced and are able to help you resolve training issues with your own horses, or improve your individual skills. We are also able to help any student go to the competitive world.


Our lessons do not just center around on the riding portion of horseback riding but instead, there is a focus on the entire horseback riding experience. This includes but is not limited to: terminology that is commonly used in the “horse world”, the horse’s body parts and marking, grooming of the horse, tack and the proper care of tack.


Each young beginner will receive a booklet filled with different horse information. This booklet with often be used as a reference. It is require for these students to bring this booklet to each lesson.


We try to create a relaxing atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves, have fun and be safe. We promote the Balanced Dressage Spirit, were we encourage everyone at the barn to help each other out.


Our goal at Balanced Dressage is to contribute to the growth of the equestrian sport of Dressage. But more importantly to create a safe and fun environment where horse and rider can grow in their abilities physically, mentally and spiritually. While increasing one's knowledge and skills and creating never ending friendships.


Lessons are $50 per session. This includes 1 hour of riding, plus time to tack up, and un-tack.


Riders are required to have their own riding gear (Helmet and Riding Shoes/Boots).


For lessons off property, or for more information, please email for more information.


Meet The Coach

Jennifer Horr

Jennifer is a young woman who has been in the competitive world for many years. She started her Dressage training coming from a Hunter/Jumper background. She has shown with numerous of different mounts and increasingly higher levels, and has competing in FEI standard tests (FEI Junior/ FEI Young Rider and Prix St. Georges). She trained many years underneath Jon Costin.


Jennifer is a full time rider, trainer and coach. As well she studied as a Child and Youth Worker.  She is able to take students to competition of all different levels, from schooling to national shows. She works with the student to increase and grow their ability in riding, and as well, one of her goals in her lessons is to teach her students to be one with the horse, and to create a strong relationship.  Another main focus that she has for all students is good sportsmanship. This year her personal riding goal is to help her horse “Ranaldo” in his recovery and increase his training to prepare him for the up and coming show season. In addition she is working with other horses to continue their training.

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